Thursday, October 27, 2016


By: Tyararr J. Jones
Seasons come and go. The timing we cannot control. But be discerning of those you allow to sit close to your soul. We are not just to sit and wait but stay active through the season. For what the Lord allows along the journey is for a divine reason. How often things and people change as the seasons of life lead us along the way, may we find rest and seek the Lord as we experience each new day. There are times to just sit and think and times to walk and wander, but may our words, actions, and attitudes always reflect our Jesus who doesn't allows us to far sqaunder. Press on along the journey and embrace obedience, patience, and love. For one day your season will bring you face to face with God our Father above.  

Thursday, June 02, 2016


by: Tyararr Jones

The loud jeers of the journey and the
heckling from the hassles of the day,
Cause me to steer from the path and beckon
more for the return of the Messiah, my joy my stay.
O the chants from the enemy who
comes before me with many faces,
He creeps about in my desires and thoughts
and lingers in my secret places.
In the silence of my pondering within my 
heart, the battle of wrong vs right,
Weariness grasps at my vigor, faith, hope,
my joy; wanting me to give up in the fight.
The posture of my mind, heart, and knees strive for 
union to God in peace and humility,
Relying not on my own strength, wisdom,
and knowledge and God given ability.
The road of my journey has led to instances of joy,
disappointment, growth, heartache and blame,
But the light to my path has been God's Word, and 
relying fully in the sovereignty of Jesus' name.
My brothers and sisters, take heart though your faith and 
character are being tried, 
You walk not alone in the fury, for Jesus is constantly 
at work and faithfully by your side.
O the breaking of the dawn, the early 
rising to find my stay,
We must not lose heart in the struggle or lose hope,
for Jesus is the Creator of the day.
I press on wit ha confidence that is familiar
but is not my own,
Embracing the scriptures of God and the many Truths
I have been shown.
Though the voices in my life grow silent and my spirit 
feels broken and at a loss,
May I stand, contend, fight, strive, press on, and 
stay the course as I daily embrace the Cross.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


What if we decided to actually live Biblically. As I ponder my own stumblings and down sittings, and the countless conversations I’ve had with strangers, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, etc.; my heart and mind bow humbly in conversation.
**We complain about our broken and struggling relationships…But how often do we go into relationships not seeking some temporary happiness but rather to love genuinely and  honor God and help that person fulfill what they were created to do. (Glorify God)
**We say that we don’t feel loved or walk around in anger because we don’t feel loved…But did we quit thinking of ourselves for a moment today to reach out to someone else in love? Jesus’ love for us is everlasting. His love for us isn’t based on our mood.
**We say that our hearts are not at peace and we’re not sure what the next step is we are to take…But we neglect the Prince of Peace daily, neglecting His Word, and trusting in our own wisdom and understanding. In doing so, peace will be fleeting.
**We say that we love Jesus…But everything we did today sang a song of selfishness and boasting self. Did we speak His name with our lips?
**We boast about how great God is…But we live our lives at times as if the greatest and best of life is right here, right now. No, the best is yet to come. Jesus is coming back.
**We have been Christianized through Christian schools, camps, bible studies, programs, Sunday School stories in our knowledge of Christ…but living as a Christian (Christ-like)(Biblically) seems like a distant fairytale in the society we live in. Don’t give up!
**We don’t like to be called out on the wrong, dumb things we do and choices we make…But we are quick to blame our reason for not going to church or living as we should on the hypocrites that are out there. “Life is choices, Choices have consequences, make the right choices.”
**We will lay down tonight feeling as if our day was unfulfilling…Each day that goes by and we don’t obey God’s daily will and we focus on ourselves, we will feel empty. All we have is temporary.
**We are broken, hurt, discouraged, weak, selfish, impatient, in need; trying to fix ourselves by listening to the world’s logic(do what feels good, you deserve whatever you want)…God’s hands created us and only His hands can mend our lives in the way they should be.
**We complain about the tune of our lives and the different notes we don’t care for…But we must understand that the tune God has for our lives is best for us. When we walk with Him in Obedience, we will experience a harmony of fellowship like none other.
**Can you picture God and Satan singing together in harmony? No, me either. That seems ludicrous even thinking about it. So why do we live as if we can live in Harmony trying to live for Christ but bask in the things of the world? Choose your tune carefully. The last note of our life here is bound in eternity. Press On!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015


By: Tyararr J Jones

What's on my mind? Well my Father woke me up this morning. My Father went before me today preparing my day for me. Not sure what all lies ahead, but my Father told me He would walk with me along the way. My heart is burdened for some dear friends of mine, but my Father told me not to worry because He has a plan for them and will take care of it. I told my Father that my heart and mind are still not settled at this place of my journey and He said, "Of course you're not settled, You're not home yet." I asked my Father how will I get through my busy long day. He asked me to tell Him who created the day.(You did God) I asked my Father why I should keep seeking after and loving the people that come to mind even if they never answer or get back on track. He told me to tell Him how He responds when I get off track and don't respond. (Father, you keep loving me and seeking after me no matter how long) I asked my Father what I should do to help me stay more constant along my journey. He said to keep having conversations like this everyday humbly and honestly. By the way Tyararr, yes Father? PRESS ON!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sunday, September 15, 2013


May our love be not bound by the boundaries of skin color, financial status, hurt, bitterness, family or some other temporary restrain,
Our focus must remain on Christ our Redeemer, Savior, King, Comforter, our Greatest Example of love who gave Himself and bore our pain.

What do we live for as we awake and partake in each day that has been wrapped in grace by God as a gift for us to live and enjoy,
Bombarded by the devices of our wicked heart to distract, frustrate, hinder, discourage, and our day to search and destroy.

We must live to love others, not out of duty, but devotion, for we are love beyond what we can truly measure,
God has given us forgiveness, hope, faith, grace, strength, mercy, joy, and we are to be funnels to others of God's divine treasure.

Loving others like Jesus is very hard as we daily deal with disagreements, judgmental attitudes, and comparing ourselves to the outward appearance of man,
 Loving God, loving others as we love ourselves, serving, giving, caring, listening, and sharing the gospel is the true life and God's true Biblical plan.

We may struggle at times with living to love, loving to live that we may love like Jesus and truly make a difference in the lives of others in this world so temporary and dark,
It is times like these that we must stay the course, press on, seek the Lord daily, bow in prayer often, that we may daily on this earth leave a Christian mark.

Loving like Jesus is more than just the words that we utter in the moment, but the continuous actions of loving others even when we don't want to or it doesn't benefit you,
We must think and live Biblicaly day by day and being a funnel of God's love to those around us and faithfully live for Christ and do the things we should do.

.....Press On!
Do you love your family? Do you love your friends? Do you love your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ? Do you love those you work with? Do you love the strangers that walk by? May the Love we show today and everyday not just being in the words we use in how we talk to them but also in how we treat them. Love by listening, caring, giving, helping, encouraging, accepting, forgiving...loving when you need to feel loved. Loving when it is someone who has shut you out. Loving when the love is not returned. The Love we are able to show is only because of the Love of Christ and the love He showed by His work on the Cross. Keep pressing on today in Love!